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■ Terms of Service


Chapter 1: General Provisions

[Article 1 Purpose]

 This agreement purposes to regulate various information and services (the "Service" hereinafter) of utilizing the user's rights, obligations and responsibilities in the Web site operated by SHPAC (the "Company" hereinafter)

[Article 2 Definitions]

 The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows:

     "Website" means the collection of the information that company stored in order to provide services to users on the Internet, Web address of the website

    "User" means the members and non-members who receive the service provided by the company in accordance with the terms and conditions by accessing the web site.

     "Member" means a person who registered by providing personal information to the company, receives information offered by company constantly, and can use the services provided by the company to continuously.

    "Non-member" means who use the services provided by the company without signing up for membership.

    "Identity (ID)" means a combination of letters and numbers that members have selected and the company has been approved to identify members and make members to use the service.

    "Password" means a member selected by a combination of letters and numbers to protect their secrets communication.

    "E-mail (E-mail)" is a mail via the Internet.

    "Termination" means an intention of company or a member to terminate the contract after the use of the service.


[Article 3 Effect and changes in the Terms and Conditions]

    This Agreement shall take effect caused by advertising to the user through a notification on the initial service screen of a web site.

    The Company does not engage in trading between members in the website and does not bear any liability with respect to the transaction.

    The Company can change this agreement to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations such as the law on the regulation of terms and conditions, electronic trading Basic Law, electronic signature laws, the law of promotion of information network and protection of information, the laws of Act on Door-to-Door Sales, consumer Basic Law, e-commerce, the law on consumer protection. In this case, the company explicitly announce the effective date and revision reason, what has changed with the current agreement from seven days before the application date to the day before the effective date along on the initial service screen.

    On the basis of the claim‘③’ the modified terms become effective in the same way as claim ‘①’.


[Article 4. Conditions other rules]

 The Subject not specified in these Terms and Conditions follows the applicable laws and regulations or commercial practices.


Chapter 2. Membership registration and use of service

[Article 5 Establishment of the service contract]

    The service contract of the company will be signed up when user apply for membership with consent to these terms and company allow the application.

     The Company is in compliance with the law of promotion of information network and protection of information or other related laws, regulations and the company's privacy policy in the use and collect the user’s personal information.

    If the user wants to use the services of the company as a member, must provide personal information requested by the company.

     The established time of registering agreement is the time when the approval of the company reach to the user.

     The Company may not approve the apply for using service with matters as follows:


  a. Using the name of the third party, or NOT applying with their real name.

 b. Using service for the purpose of pursuing profit.

 c. Describing the contents of application of contract about using service with false information.

 d. Applying for the purpose of violation of the laws or rules of society, or inhibiting the morals and customs.

 e. Using the service with corrupt purpose.

 f. Offending the prescribed matters or Being difficult to allow the use because of the user’s fault.

 g. Re-applying for membership from members who terminate membership.

h. If a minor join as a user without the consent of the legal representative.


[Article 6 Use and restrict of services]

    If users join the company’s website as a member, can access to all services of the company stated in ‘Chapter 1, article 2, ①’ with same ID. However, a selection procedure for registering individual companies are going through. In this case, during use of the Web site, Terms and Conditions for specific services of the website will be preferentially applied than this.

    Although the company’s web site broaden after the first application for use of service, the contents of ‘①’ will be applied as same unless stated in the terms and conditions of the new website. In this case, information about the start services of a new company website will be forwarded to members through the e-mail notifications or members of the company.

     Services of the company is one year-round, 24 hours a day in principle if there is no business or technical difficulty of the particular company.

    The Company can suspend the provision of services if there is the matters such as periodic inspection, repair, replacement, broken, and communication disruptions.

     In the case of the service disruption due to the ④, the company will notify the member in the manner specified in Article 16. However, if the company suspends the service due to reasons beyond the control, it may not be notified.

     Services provided by the website were basically free. However, separately specified information can be used after paying the specified rate.

     Copyright and other intellectual property rights in the work provided by the website are owned by the company.

     Members must not use the information obtained by using the website for transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast by commercial and other purposes without the prior consent of the company and make third party to use the information.

     The Company is not responsible for any damages caused to the user in relation to the use of free service.


[Article 7 Change of the Services]

 The Company may change all or some of the "services" that are provided in accordance with the operational, technical needs.

[Article 8 Change of Profile]

 Members must change the profile in ‘Profile Management page’ immediately if there is change in the information coincided with follows. In this case, the company shall not be liable for any damages caused by not changing the member information, for corporate membership, you can change in the way that company determine separately.

  a. Address and contact details, etc.

  b. E-mail address, etc.

  c. Details that the company accepted.


Chapter 3. Duty

[Article 9 obligations of the company]

     Unless there are special circumstances, the company makes the services available from the day that membership contract of using service established.

     The Company is committed to providing continuous, reliable service as set forth in this agreement.

     The Company processes the opinions raised by member through predetermined procedure through appropriate procedures, if it takes time, a certain schedule of process and reasons must be informed to members.

     The Company maintains the security of member information thoroughly, use the member information in operating and improving a quality service or internal company purposes such as product introduction. Without the consent of the members, the company shall not transfer the information to other organizations or third party for any other purposes except above.


[Article 10. Obligations of members]

 ① Members are liable for managing their ID and password themselves and the Company shall not be responsible for damage caused by the ID and password leakage due to reasons attributable to the member.

 ② Members must not let someone use the ID and password. If Members are aware that their ID and password was stolen or third party use it, must notify the company.

 ③ Members must comply with the requirements stipulated in the agreement and related laws.

 ④ Users, including members should not do the actions below.

  a. Registration of false information when applying or changing.

  b. Changing information other than the specified ‘article 8’.

  c. Transmitting or publish information other than the information set by the company (computer programs).

  d. Infringing intellectual property rights and other rights of company or third party.

  e. Offending the honor or interfere with work of company or third party.

  f. Using fraudulently the identity (ID) of another Member.

  g. Obtaining the email addresses of other members for sending spam (Spam) Mail.

  h. Any acts that are likely to give or interfere with the stable operation of the service actions.

  i. Transmitting certain information such as advertisement to others consistently without consent.

  j. Altering the contents of the service provided by the company

  k. Publishing or posting obscene or violent messages, videos, audios contrary to public orders, morals and customs. 


Chapter 4. The termination of the contract and stop using the service

[Article 11 services termination and stop using]

 ① Members must apply directly for termination services to the website if you want to terminate the service contract, then, members can choose whether to an individual or a collective withdrawal of the company’s website.

 ② In the case of the preceding paragraph, the member enter the ID and password to check and choose ‘termination checking’. Then, revocation of subscription and service contract is terminated automatically.

 ③ If it is unable to login with the original ID and password, revocation of the subscription and service contract have been terminated successfully.

 ④ The Company may limit member’s use of the service if there is a violation of ‘article 10’ on member.

 ⑤ The Company can terminate the contract without notice, if member acts for the following, you may terminate the agreement without notice, then, Company must notify promptly  in a manner set out in ‘Article 16’ to Member.

  a. Using false information when you register or change the application.

  b. Damaging to the company deliberately by interfering with operation of the Service.

  c. If the members who are stopped using the service as specified in Section 4 don’t eliminate the reasons of stop using within the period of stop using.


[Article 12 Relief Procedure of Stop services]

 ① The Company notifies members or agents the reasons and period by using methods such as e-mail or phone if company wants to stop using the service of member.

  However, if the company has admitted that there is an urgent need to stop the use, they can stop the using service without notice. Then, the company notify members in the manner specified in ‘Article 16’ immediately after the member’s use stopped.

 ② Members or their representatives notified to stop may appeal against the services stopped by the regulations of protest.

 ③ The Company shall release actions of stop using immediately only if it is confirmed that the reason of stop using service is resolved in the suspension period.


Chapter 5. General

[Article 13 Management of user’s posts]

 The company can delete the contents published or registered by users without prior notification to the user when the company considers that contents coincide for the following. However, the company must notify users in the manner specified in ‘Article 16’ immediately after deleting the posts.

  a. Spam Posts

  b. If the contents slander to damage the reputation of individuals and organizations.

  c. If the contents contrary to public orders, morals and customs. 

  d. If the contents are recognized as criminal acts.

  e. If the contents infringe copyright and other rights of others.

  f. If the contents violate other applicable laws or regulations set forth by the company.


[Article 14 Compensation for Damages]

 ① The Company and the users must compensate to opponents if they victimize opponents by intention or fault in relation to the services. However, the company with regard to the use of services provided free of charge does not take any responsibility on any harm, unless provided for in law responsible.

 ② If the Company becomes responsible for the third party or users because of the user violates Article 10 and other provisions of the agreement so that the damage caused to the company, Users who violate these Terms and Conditions shall compensate for all damages caused to the company and must indemnify the company against such damage.


[Article 15. Indemnity provisions]

 ① If the company is unable to provide service due to natural disasters or uncontrollable factors is exempt from responsibility for service delivery.

 ② The Company is not responsible for any troubles caused by the fault of the user.

 ③ The Company will not be held responsible for the damages caused by the data obtained through the service or loss of revenues expected by using the service.

 ④ The Company is not responsible for content posted by users on the service information, data, facts of reliability, accuracy and so on.

 ⑤ The Company is not responsible for damages caused by user’s intention and negligence.

 ⑥ The Company is exempt from responsibility of the damages caused by the repair, replacement, periodic inspection of services.

 ⑦ The Company is not responsible for damages caused by the malfunction of the member's computers or by insufficient input of personal information and e-mail address.


[Article 16. Provide notification and information for members]

 ① The Company notifies members through an email address submitted when they apply for the service use.

 ② The Company can replace individual notification by publication on the company bulletin board more than one week for an unspecified number of members.

 ③ The Company can provide a variety of information is recognized that there is a need to provide service its members through the way such as e-mail or phone.

 ④ The Company may collect additional personal information in accordance with the laws and consent of the members under the purpose of improving services and introducing services for the members of the target.

[Article 17. Severability]

This Agreement will remain in force unless it is impossible to achieve the goal with remained provisions or it affects unduly disadvantageous to the members because of any part of these Terms and Conditions is invalid by the relevant laws and regulations.

[Article 18. Governing Law and Jurisdiction]

 ①The matters not specified in the agreement follow the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea and the Telecommunications Business Act, including business practices.

 ②The members of the company's paid services follow the terms and policies set by the company separately, with respect to the relevant services

 ③The competent court of litigation and disputes which may arise between companies and users with regard to services is Court of The Republic of Korea which has jurisdiction on the civil procedure and Governing law is the law of Republic of Korea.



This Agreement shall apply from the first of January 2016.


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